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12.12.2016 Minsk hosted international workshop on combating criminal bankruptcy
 On December 9, 2016 in Minsk was held the international workshop "Combating the criminal bankruptcy: the practical and legal aspects", organized by the Department of Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee of Belarus and the European Commission, represented by TAIEX program.
The representatives of European Union, the experts from Belgium and Austria took part in the workshop. From the Belarusian side the event was attended by heads of financial investigations bodies led by the Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee - Director of the Financial Investigations Department Igor Marshalov, as well as representatives of other state bodies, including the General Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Committee.
The representatives of the Financial Investigations Department drew attention to the important role of the mechanisms of financial recovery and bankruptcy of insolvent entities, which allow  to recover the enterprises producing competitive products and remove from the market non-viable organizations which pose a threat to the interests of their business partners and which generate a chain of non-payments at the national level. However, as the law enforcement practice shows, some unscrupulous individuals use the mechanism of bankruptcy as a tool of realization of their illegal interests, in particular for obtaining criminal super profits or redistribution of property and spheres of influence. At the same time, the processes in the economy of the country which related to the increase of accounts payables of economic entities and also to the growth in its proportion of the overdue debt, can be the specific catalyst in some cases.  
Foreign representatives shared their experience about the ways and methods of combating the criminal bankruptcy in Belgium and Austria.

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TAIEX Program (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange) is an instrument of technical assistance and exchange of information of the European Commission. Under this program the European Union organizes seminars and workshops, in which participants get acquainted with the activities, policies and legislation of European Union and discuss a variety of practical issues of international cooperation.
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