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20.07.2023 Criminal activity of private companies in the field of taxis was suppressed in Minsk

Employees of the Department of Financial Investigation of the State Control Committee for Minsk region and Minsk suppressed the illegal activities of citizens of Turkmenistan, who organised a business in the field of passenger transportation in Minsk using the electronic service Yandex.Taxi.

During the inspection, it was found that the organisers of illegal activities had been registering business entities headed by foreign citizens since 2022. The participants of the criminal group recruited drivers, mostly from among their compatriots, and provided passenger transport services throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

For the purpose of secrecy, after several months of operation, the business entities ceased their activities, and the drivers were transferred to newly registered companies. In total, more than 7 organisations were used in the criminal scheme.

It was established that the proceeds received from the provision of services were concealed from taxation (in total, more than 5 million roubles were concealed). Some of these funds were used to pay salaries to taxi drivers "in an envelope", and some were used for the personal needs of the group members. In total, more than 800 drivers received grey wages.

The damage caused to the state is estimated at over 2 million rubles. Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the organizers of the criminal business. During the searches conducted, accounting documents, computer equipment, cell phones, electronic control keys confirming the criminal nature of the activity were seized.

It should be noted that one of the organizers tried to leave the country and was detained at the airport. A preventive measure in the form of remand in custody was applied to him. He has fully admitted guilt and is confessing.

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