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10.04.2012 Representative of the State Control Committee of Belarus took part in the 5th meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on Key National Indicators
Head of the Main Informational and Analytical Department of the State Control Committee Mr. Dmitry Sanko took part in the 5th meeting of the Working Group of INTOSAI on Key National Indicators that was held in April 2012 in Riga, Latvia.
At the meeting the representatives of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) discussed the development of the White Paper on Key National Indicators, the methodology of the Key National Indicators selection for the use in SAIs activity, opportunities of the use of Key National Indicators for international comparisons in the context of sustainable development and preparation of appropriable recommendations.
Nowadays Key National Indicators are the necessary tool for complex development management and effective evaluation of national strategies realization. The system of Key National Indicators permits not only to provide the objective assessment of activity of state institutions but also to compare the results of such activities with similar indicators in other countries.
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