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The next issue of «State Control: Analysis, Practice, Comments» magazine was published

The journal published materials on the results of inspections in pharmacy chains and medical centres, the measures taken to reduce the cost of medicines and diagnostic services, the results of inspections of microfinance institutions, solutions to the problems of citizens following intervention of the State Control Committee. Acute questions are raised in publications - what problems are faced today by the residents of houses serviced by homeowners' associations and what prevents the rapid reduction of the number of long-term buildings in the country. The magazine’s editorial office continues a series of publications about relatives of KGC employees who took part in the Great Patriotic War. In addition, this issue contains material about the guerrilla movement in Belarus during the war. One can buy the issue of the magazine "State Control: Analysis, Practice, Comments" in the shop "Globus" at 16 Volodarskogo str.
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