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25.01.2017 The Board of the State Control Committee reviewed the Programme of priority actions
On January 25, 2017 the Board of the State Control Committee of Belarus chaired by the head of SAI Leonid Anfimov summed up the results of activity of SAI for the past year and defined the priorities for the future period. Particular attention during the meeting was paid to the implementation of instructions given by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the session to discuss the results of the inspection in the State Control Committee that was held on 16 December 2016.
The Chairman of the State Control Committee Leonid Anfimov demanded from his subordinates to ensure unconditional fulfillment of all the instructions given by President and to organize more efficient and effective work.
To this end, the Committee developed the  Programme of priority actions to implement the instructions given by President of the Republic of Belarus.
The program envisages to develop more effective mechanisms of control over use of budget funds and state property, implementation of state programs and investment projects of national importance. Strict control will be provided for the execution of instructions given by President of the Republic of Belarus.
It was also tasked to expand the practice of use of performance audit principles, strengthen the prevention activity and analytical work, focus on the most vulnerable sectors and entities where there are risks or signs of financial irregularities, first of all with the aim of preventing them.
In the near future it will be worked out the proposals to optimize and improve the activity of control and supervisory bodies, as well as to entrench the coordinating function of Committee in the sphere of control. This will allow to fulfill qualitatively the requirements of the Head of State to eliminate the excessive control over the economy and avoid the duplication of functions of controlling and supervisory bodies, shifting emphasis from the current activity of the enterprises to the final results (profit and profitability). As outlined by Leonid Anfimov, the main task of controlling and supervisory bodies is not to interfere with enterprises which are working normal.
Also, the program includes measures to improve the efficiency of the Financial Investigations Department and Financial Monitoring Department.
To achieve these goals, the Board of State Control Committee approved the Program of priority actions for the implementation of instructions given by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the session to discuss the results of the inspection in the State Control Committee on 16 December 2016 and to ensure its strict fulfillment.  
During the board meeting were summed up the work of SAI for 2016. It was noted that the Committee continued to work on strengthening the economic security of the country, identifying systemic disorders and negative trends in the economy and the social sphere, the definition of available reserves.
So, the Committee prepared report on execution of republican budget and four state extra-budgetary funds in 2015. It also examined the  issues of validity of  determining and applying of tariffs (prices) for housing and communal services, as well as services for the transportation of passengers by urban and suburban road transport; the effectiveness of the cement industry organizations. The Committee analyzed the execution of the State program of development of fisheries and the State program "Chemical plant protection products"; State scientific and technical programs; National Bank costs.
In 2016 SAI of Belarus reviewed the issues of  effectiveness of state policy in the sphere of property relations realized by  State Property Committee, regional and Minsk city territorial funds for state property; performance of obligations of the parties during the construction  of nuclear power plant on the territory of the Republic of Belarus; efficiency of financial and economic activities of organizations of GO «Belresursy"; compliance of legislation in the allocation and use of land in Minsk, the levying of charges (taxes) for it; modernization of woodworking enterprises of concern "Bellesbumprom" and refinery plants; reconstruction of stadium "Dinamo" in Minsk and others.
During 2016 the State Control Committee's bodies recovered to the state budget  Br 249.6 million (117.5% compared to 2015). They saved the public funds (prevented the unjustified payments) in the amount of Br 220.9 million (140.1%).
1937 materials with findings made in the course of control activities were sent  to the law enforcement agencies, 615 criminal cases were initiated on their basis.
Financial Investigations Department of Committee detected 1372 crimes, including 228 crimes related to corruption. With the use of the information of Financial Monitoring Department of Committee the regulatory and law enforcement agencies applied administrative fines on the amount of Br 101 million, recovered to the State budget Br 40.8 million, detected 551 crimes.
The State Control Committee worked actively on improvement of national legislation. So, in the adopted normative legal acts were realized 54 proposals of the Committee. The Committee prepared the opinions on 1.1 thousand of draft laws or regulations.
An important place was given to work connected with citizens’ communications. In 2016 were conducted 610 telephone hotlines sessions;  4.9 thousand of citizens were received in person by executives and specialists of the State Control Committee; almost 10 thousand of citizens’ written applications were  reviewed.
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