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24.05.2017 Leonid Anfimov delivered a national report at X EUROSAI Congress
 The delegation of the Committee of State Control headed by Chairman Leonid Anfimov took part in the X Congress of the European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI). The Congress was held in Istanbul (Turkey) from May 22 to May 24 2017. In the program of Congress were included plenary sessions, seminars and work sessions, as well as the 46th and 27th meetings of the EUROSAI Governing Board.
The delegates representing the SAIs of more than 40 countries were focused on the main theme of the Congress "Implementation of ISSAIs; Challenges and Solutions for further Improvement".
The participants discussed relevant for the European audit community issues of responding to emerging issues (audit of funds allocated to migration and humanitarian problems, performance audit for improving the quality of public administration). Attention was also paid to actual topics related to IT audit, information security, certification of government financial statements, publicity of audit results and other issues.
The Congress adopted the EUROSAI Strategic Plan for 2017-2023 and other organizational documents.
Within the framework of the Congress, the head of the State Control Committee of Belarus L.Anfimov delivered a report on the theme “Achievements and the Role of Supreme Audit Institutions in Ensuring Sustainable Development in Line with the Sustainable Development Goals” and also held the bilateral meetings with heads of some foreign SAIs.
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